Antler & Angler


Antler & Angler Apparel


Antler & Angler is an apparel brand dedicated to celebrate and embrace this lifestyle to share the beauty, adrenaline, and peace of mind that comes with life in the outdoors.

October 2020



Keeping the familiar

The look and feel of the brand is to be seen as special but familiar. The color palette is based off earth tones to resonate with the audience, and the type has a serif for the headers to bring out the classic vintage vibe of the outdoors heritage.

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Dri-Fit Series

One of the showcase series of Antler & Angler is the dri-fit series that features illustrations of freshwater fish on the back. These illustrations are done in a painterly style for a unique look while printed on neon colors to help sun protection as you're casting on a hot day.

Sending out the call

Marketing for Antler & Angler included social media ads as well as email marketing with flows and campaigns.

Email and ad copy focused on resonating with the target audience of midwest outdoorsmen. 

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