Harvest Home Assisted Living


Harvest Home Assisted Living


September 2018


Harvest Home Assisted Living is an assisted living that is dedicated to caring for the elderly and encouraging them to live with purpose & grace.

Southpaw was contacted by Harvest Home for a rebrand that will be more practical, timeless, and resonate with the residents and caregivers in a beautiful country setting.


Making them feel at home.

Operating an assisted living not only requires having personal attention and care for the residents, but making the feel comfortable. The residents don't live in a place of work; the caregivers work in their home.

That dynamic of a home first, and a company second, is the primary focus for an effective brand experience for this type of business.

Inspired by the vintage

The Harvest Home brand is heavily inspired by the signage, imagery, and feeling of a classic midwestern agriculture lifestyle.

Keeping the familiar is essential with making the residents feel at home, especially with those suffering from dementia. 

Consistent Collateral

The brand's touch points with the autumn color palette with the vintage ornaments are seen throughout the collateral to carry that look and feel, making it a consistent brand experience.

Caregiver Campaign

Harvest Home is a great stepping stone for nursing students that want experience in the field. Below is one of the caregiver testimonials produced by Southpaw in effort to bring on more caregivers.