Loop the Lake


Future Neenah


"Loop the Lake" is a 5k route that links three communities (Village of Fox Crossing, City of Menasha, and City of Neenah) while creating connections for bicycle commuting, recreation, and pedestrian use with scenic vistas and access to Little Lake Butte des Morts.

Southpaw was contacted by Future Neenah to design a wayfinding series to guide the community through this connection.

August 2020



Inspired by the environment

Downtown Neenah has a beautiful, historical setting with rich brick and statues to pay homage to the area's upbringing. This muted color palette was brought into consideration for the maps to marry with the surrounding area, but also to stand out.

Clean & Simple

The goal was to create a balance of high contrast signs that would look like they belong. The simplicity in the icons needed to be easy to understand as well as stand the test of time. Areas were also clipped into patterns as seen in the water and parks (grass areas) for color association but also keeping attention to detail within reason.

Group 25.png

Now that the graphics and color palette were created, it was time to layout the maps themselves and make sure they were perceived and understood, quickly and easily.

From graphics to layout