5 Reasons Why It's Time to Rebrand

Updated: Apr 25

Your visual identity is the first impression of your organization. It's so important to make this impression not only an attractive one, but a lasting one, so when it comes time for prospects to use your services or buy your products, your business is the first that comes to mind. Take a look at the top 5 reasons why it's probably time to rebrand (or in most cases, establish a brand).

- 1 -

Your logo is impractical.

Scalability, practicality, and efficiency are a few of details that need to go into designing a logo, and is the most common problem with most logos. Is it recognizable at small scale? At large scale? Can it be embroidered? Can it be animated? Practicality comes from simplicity. All these issues usually stem from logos that try to jam in too much meaning to a mark. Your logo is your identifier; the simpler the better. It doesn't need to tell everything about your company in one shot.

- 2 -

You have a logo, not a brand.

Your brand is not your logo. Your brand is not your product. Your brand is not your swag. Your brand is an experience. A lasting impression that your clients buy into because they desire to be a part of the lifestyle. Delivering this experience comes from expanding on your brand and applying those touch points to wherever it is meaningful but not overpowering. Design is transparent. If you can tell someone is trying too hard to shoehorn in details, then it comes off as forced rather than appealing.

- 3 -

Your brand isn't resonating with your audience.

So you understand that your brand is not just a logo but an experience. But what good is that experience if it's not speaking and connecting to your audience? This will not only push your potential client away, but avoid your service because you're not clear on your messaging and look and feel. The next step to your branding is the messaging and making sure you're speaking to your audience in a way they'll understand and trust you.

- 4 -

Your logo is outdated.

Design and fashion trends are important, but more-so in the idea of campaigns and sales. When it comes to building your logo and brand, there's one goal that should be the driving force and that is timelessness. Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on rebranding and then realize it doesn't work 5 years down the road.

- 5 -

Your brand is inconsistent.

A major problem that can interrupt the overall brand experience is inconsistency. This tends to happen with organization that have been around for 10+ years that have gone through some changes here and there and haven't been doing an overhaul of updates. This is a major problem when it comes to brand identifiers such as type and color codes, down to the simple fact that when your viewer visits your website and your business card and sees different treatments of brand elements - it makes you and your services questionable.


Do any of these reasons remind you of your current brand?

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