A Jack of All Trades.

We're here to work with you to make sure your project not only makes your deadline, but exceeds your goals. We do this with our unique creative process through branding, marketing, and media. 

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brand strategy  •  brand positioning  •  logo design  • element design  •  package design  •  illustration

A brand is more than just a logo. It is a feeling, lifestyle, and experience. Southpaw builds brands to deliver that experience and make sure that it not only grabs attention, but is relatable, timeless, and meaningful.

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print / digital ads  •  creative ad assets  •  email design + integration  •  UX/UI design  •  landing page design

Once a brand identity is successfully established, it’s time to apply it and make sure it delivers a consistent experience everywhere that it's seen. Reaching your target audience is half the battle, making them stop and engage to your call to action is the goal.

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company profile  •  drone coverage •  photo / video shoots  •  photo / video editing  •  logo animation

Strong visuals are one of the most powerful assets that can make us feel, want to buy, or set our state of mind.
It is the key to story telling and visual communication. Southpaw strives for crafting media that not only tells your story, but shows it. 


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